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Thesis defense – Mélody Labarchède

4 May 2023 / 14:00

Venue: Centre Broca

Mélody Labarchède
Team : Pathophysiology of neuron-oligodendrocyte interactions

Thesis supervisor: Arne Battefeld


Physiological membrane dynamics of oligodendrocytes


Oligodendrocytes are the glial cells of the central nervous system that generate myelin sheaths around neuronal axons in vertebrates. Myelin accelerates the conduction speed of neuronal transmission generating saltating action potential across internodes all along axons. Recent studies showed the existence of a periaxonal space playing a role in myelin electrical conduction that participate in saltatory transmission. During an action potential large potassium changes occur at the nodes of Ranvier. Potassium outflow via neuronal potassium channels under the myelin, repolarizes the axon. While potassium uptake has been shown at the cell body of oligodendrocytes the uptake at myelinating internodes has not been demonstrated. Additionally, very little is known about the spatial dynamics of ion flow in oligodendrocyte internodes. In this project, the aim is to address the spatial distribution of ion dynamics in oligodendrocytes and their processes.

Keywords: oligodendrocytes, myelin sheath genetically encoded sensors, potassium imaging, voltage imaging


Pascal BRANCHEREAU / PR / Université de Bordeaux / Président du jury
Maria KUKLEY / PR / Universidad del País Vasco / Rapporteur
Brahim NAIT-OUMESMAR / DR / Université Sorbonne / Rapporteur
Nathalie SOL-FOULON / CR / Université Sorbonne / Examinateur
Arne BATTEFELD / MCU / Université de Bordeaux / Directeur de thèse

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4 May 2023
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