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Metaboday 2021

23 March 2021



09h00 Welcome

Session 1
• 09h05 Prigent S.: Using metabolomics to predict maize yield in a network of experiments.
• 09h20 Guyon J.: Lactate dehydrogenases as a fulcrum of glioblastoma growth and invasion.
• 09h35 Panatier A.: Glycolysis derived L-serine contributes to early stage of Alzheimer’s disease.
• 10h05 Villafraz O.: The Trypanosoma UDP-glucose pyrophosphorylase is active in the cytosol and glycosomes and is imported into the organelle by piggybacking.
• 10h20 Lecomte M.: Metabolic networks modeling.

10h35-10h50: Break

Session 2
•10h50 Mongrand S.: Role of sphingolipids in toxin perception during plant-pathogen interaction.
•11h05 Molinié T.: Malate-Aspartate Shuttle is a metabolic switchman orchestrating mitochondrial NADH and succinate oxidation.
•11h20 Linares L.: Targeting MDM2 dependent serine metabolism as therapeutic target for cancer.
•11h50 Amintas S.: Interest of bioactive food components for effective and non-toxic radiosensitization of rectal cancer in the elderly.
•12h05 Serrat Reñe R.: Astroglial calcium transfer from endoplasmic reticulum to mitochondria determines synaptic integration.

12h20-13h30: Break

Session 3
•13h30 Creusot N.: Uncovering ecosystemic responses of aquatic biofilms to urban chemical stress using an untargeted metabolomics approach.
•13h45 Alannan M.: Targeting Lipid Metabolism in Pediatric Liver Cancer: Statins and PCSK9 inhibitors as potential anti-tumoral drugs.
•14h00 Frezza C.: Fumarate Hydratase loss as a paradigm of oncometabolism.
•14h30 Beaumont P.: Phase II viniferin metabolites: hemisynthesis and quantification in rat plasma after oral administration.
•14h45 Lesbats J.: Metabolism recycling of bacteria by macrophages.

15h00-15h15: Break

Session 4
•15h15 Raoux M.: Real-time functional analysis of pancreatic islets with bioelectronic tools: from
bench to bedside.
•15h30 Allard C.: mTORC1 signaling and microglia in obesity: the age matters.
•15h45 Rieuset J.: Role of ER-mitochondria contact sites in metabolic health and diseases.
•16h15 Van de Weghe J.: Bioavailability and metabolism of alpha-linolenic acid associated with gut microbiota modifications.
•16h30 Esteves P.: Implication of mitochondrial metabolism in smooth muscle remodeling in asthma.

16h45: Concluding remarks



Organized by the Département Sciences Biologiques et Médicales

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23 March 2021
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