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Cajal lectures – Optogenetics, chemogenetics, and biosensors for neural circuit research

Wednesday 3 April - Friday 19 April

Venue: CGFB

Lectures are open to everyone.

Wednesday 3 April 9:00am
Ofer Yihzar (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israël)
What is optogenetics good for?

Wednesday 3 April – 11:00am
Michael Bruchas (University of Washington, USA)
Decoding the Neurobiological Mechanisms of Neuromodulation

Thursday 4 April 9:00am
Jonas Wietek (Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany)
200 years of discovery, 20 years of innovation: The Journey of Optogenetics and Rhodopsins.

Thursday 4 April 11:00am
Stefan Herlitze (RuhrUniversity Bochum, Germany)
MoleOptogenetic control and visualization of GPCR pathways, or a journey from mouse brain to bioluminescent and fluorescent fish.

Friday 5 April 9:00am
Simon Wiegert (University of Heidelberg, Germany)
New lights on an old concept : investigating the link between pupil linked arousal neuromodulation.

Friday5 April 11:00am
Marie Carlen (Karolinska Institute, Sweden)
What defines the prefrontal cortex? Large-scale spiking surveys outline the landscape of the mouse prefronal cortex.

Tuesday 9 April 9:00am
Valentina Emiliani (Vision Institute, France)
Holographic alloptical manipulation of neuronal circuits.

Tuesday 9 April 11:00am
Cyril Herry and Daniel Jercog (Bordeaux University, France, University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
From single cell to population analysis of defensive behaviors.

Saturday 13 April 9:00am
Lief Fenno (University of Texas, USA)
Engineered platforms for complex AAV cargo expression.

Saturday 13 April – 11:00am
Yaniv Ziv (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israël)
Representational drift in the hippocampus and cortex.

Tuesday 16 April 9:00am
Christina Kim (UC Davis, USA)
Optogenetic reactivation of drugensembles using activity integrators.

Tuesday 16 April   11:00am
Karl Deisseroth (Stanford University, USA)
Probing Mysteries of Brain Function: An Unexpected Journey Through the Inner Workings of Microbial Membrane Channels.

Friday 19 April 9:00am
Mackenzie Mathis (EPFL, Swiss)
Measuring neural and behavioral dynamics.

Friday 19 April 11:00am
Anna Beyeler (Bordeaux University, France)
Linking anxiety and emotional valence in circuits of the amygdala and insula.

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Website: https://cajal-training.org/on-site/optogenetics-chemogenetics-biosensors/

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