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Cancelled // Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering

Tuesday 7 April 2020

Venue: Haut-Carré, Talence

The Bordeaux Cell Biology Gathering (BCBG) was created to gather together researchers of the Bordeaux Metropole interessed in Cell Biology.
The second edition of BCBG will take place the 7th April 2020 at the domaine du Haut-Carré in Talence.
The program includes 20 seminars of 10 minutes.
Inscription are free but mandatory.

Master and Ph D students are very welcome (and all academics too).


9h Welcome talk

9h10 Gaëlle Recher (Institut d’Optique)
A multidisciplinary approach to build in vitro tissues, mustering up alginate‐based microfluidics and cell ecosystem engineering

9h25 Steve Dos Santos (NCM)
Vangl2 regulates neuronal outgrowth through actin dynamics and adhesion control

9h40 Eric Boué‐Grabot (IMN)
Surface trafficking and function of ATP P2X4 receptors revealed using a novel Knockin mice

9h55 Etienne Herzog (IINS)
FACS based synaptomics, a workflow for cellular neurobiologists

10h10 Sandra Soukup (IMN)
A multidisciplinary approach to understand synaptic autophagy

11h15 Hervé Seznec (CENBG)
Real‐time andin situimaging of radiation‐induced damages in the developingC. elegans embryo

11h30 Capucine Héraud (BRIC)
New insights into p190RhoGAP regulation from the study of cancer‐associated mutations

11h45 Tiffanie Chouleur (BRIC)
Evaluating PRL2 as a new target for glioblastoma treatment

12h Hannah Kaminski (immunoconcept)
in Vivo and in vitro effect of everolimus on CMV immune response

12h15Jim Dompierre (UMR5095)
Expansion microscopy using standard fluorescent proteins and antibodies.

12h30 Gro Vatne Rosland (UMR5095)
Targeting pyruvate metabolism to prevent resistance to cancer therapy

14h ZEISS Automation in Microscopy : From overview to fine details

14h15 Candice Chapouly (U1034)
the gliovascular unit, a tail of two barriers

14h30 Edouard Tourdot (inrae)
Spaotemporal distribuon of ploidy levels and ploidy specific transcriptome during Tomato fruit development”

14h45 Valérie Wattelet‐Boyer (LBM)
Lyso‐PA acyltransferases and protein trafficking in Arabidopsis

15h Marie‐Dominique Jolivet (LBM)
Plant protein REMORIN connecting the dots between plasma membrane nanodomains and actin cytoskeleton

16h00 Damien Laporte (UMR5095)
Microtubules hyperstabilization in quiescent S. cerevisiae

16h15 Karine Frénal (MFP)
Exploring the role of cytoskeletal components for invasion and division of Toxoplasma gondii

16h30 Hélène Bœuf (BioTis)
The stemness attitude under physioxic cell growth conditions

16h45 Marc Bevilacqua (BIC)
3D EM at the BIC

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Tuesday 7 April 2020
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