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Symposium – Research on the biology and diseases of ageing in Bordeaux

Wednesday 13 November

Venue: Centre Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine


 8h30 – Welcome

9h00-9h10 – Introduction: Jérôme Baufreton

9:10-9:40 – Invited speaker

Lida Katsimpardi (Necker – Paris) – BRAIN AGING AND BLOOD FACTORS

Chair: Nora Abrous

9:45-11:00 – Session 1 – Physiology of ageing

Chairs: Muriel Priault & Catherine Helmer

  • Sophie Layé (NUTRINEURO): Nutrition and cerebral/cognitive ageing (10+5’)
  • Nora Abrous (NM): Adult neurogenesis and cognitive aging (10+5’)
  • Aude Panatier (NM): Role of astrocytes in aging (10+5’)
  • Victor Appay (ImmunoConcept): Immune resilience after 25 years of HIV infection (10+5’)
  • Pauline Henrot (CRCTB): Sarcopenia in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (10+5’)


11:40-12:55  – Session 2 –Ageing of vessels and cancer

Chairs: Katie Sawai & Pierre Soubeyran

  • Ami Tsuchida, GIN et Emeline Ribot (CRMSB): Imaging Small Vessel Diseases: from human to mice (10+5’)
  • Sara Cristina Lima Rebouças (BPH): Retinal biomarkers of cerebral small vessel disease (10+5’)
  • Olivier Mansier (BMC): Evaluation of epigenetic age as a new biomarker of complications in Myeloproliferative Neoplasms.(10+5’)
  • Camille Chakiba/ (BRIC): Expectations and priorities of elderly older patients with cancer: the PRIORITY multicenter cohort study (10+5’)
  • Delphine Fessart (BRIC): Cellular Senescence and Cancer: Exploring the Role of AGR2 (10+5’)

// LUNCH //

14:10-15:00 –  Keynote lecture

Tamàs Fülöp (Sherbrooke – Canada) – Is ageing an illness? Resilience – Adaptive function (30+10’)

Chair: Maël Lemoine

15:00-16:25 – Session 3 – Cognitive functions and memory

Chairs: Hélène Amieva & Claire Roubaud

  • Virginie Postal (LabPsy): Concepts and Paradigms Related to Adaptability and Flexibility in Aging in Experimental Psychology (10+5’)
  • Nicole Etchamendy (NM): A new task to measure episodic memory in Human (10+5’)
  • Gwenaëlle Catheline (INCIA): Heterogeneity of brain aging: neuroimaging and daily life factors (10+5’)
  • Jacques Taillard (SANPSY): Sleep pattern, aging and age-related cognitive deficits (10+5’)
  • Ernesto Sanz-Arigita (INCIA): Cognitive Predictors of Dementia through Machine Learning (10+5’)
  • Alex Chanteclair (CHU/SANPSY): Digital health interventions and aging population: indications, acceptability and perspectives (7+3’)


17:00-18:05 – Session 4 – Biomarkers

Chairs: Isabelle Pellegrin & Hamid Rezvani

  • Muriel Priault (IBGC): Protein deamidation as a biomarker of aging: evidence and limitations (10+5’)
  • Sophie Lefèvre-Arbogast (BPH): Metabolomics, exposomics and brain aging (10+5’)
  • Isabelle Bourdel Marchasson (CRMSB): Multiparametric muscle/brain NMR imaging of frailty and sarcopenia (10+5’)
  • Pauline Saint Charles (ImmunoConcept): Biomarkers of vaccine responsiveness in older people (7+3’)
  • Clara Toussaint (ImmunoConcept): Is Alzheimer’s disease specific to humans? (7+3’)

18:05 – Conclusion

Chair: Victor Appay


Organizing committee

Nora Abrous, Hélène Amieva, Victor Appay, Isabelle Bourdel-Marchasson, Julie Dechanet Merville, Alain Pierre Gadeau, Catherine Helmer, Maël Lemoine, Olivier Mansier, Isabelle Pellegrin, Hamid-Reza Rezvani, Claire Roubaud, Virginie Postal, Muriel Priault, Katie Sawai, Pierre Soubeyran

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Wednesday 13 November
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