Les modèles mathématiques : miracle ou supercherie ?

Par Frédéric Alexandre, sur le blog “binaire”

Mise en ligne : 28 April 2020

‘No Fee Science’ – interview with Christopher Stevens

Christopher is a PhD student in Aline Marighetto’s team

Mise en ligne : 25 February 2020

The relevance of animal models of addiction

Commentary by Véronique Deroche about “Are animal models of addiction useful?”

Mise en ligne : 18 November 2019

Does repeated sub-concussive heading in soccer increase the risk of neurodegenerative diseases?

By Jérôme Badaut (INCIA), Hélène Cassoudesalle (HACS) and Patrick Dehail (HACS)

Mise en ligne : 14 November 2019

Comment on article “Inception of memories that guide vocal learning in the songbird”

By Arthur Leblois

Mise en ligne : 13 November 2019

Newborn neurons (DCX+, in red) and DAPI in the human DG - Credit : LLorens Lab

Human adult neurogenesis: the mystery unveiled

By Nicolas Blin et Thomas Kerloch (Neurocentre Magendie)

Mise en ligne : 29 April 2019