Excellent Paper in Neurosciences Award (EPNA) 2021


The ERA-NET NEURON partner countries are issuing the Excellent Paper in Neuroscience Award to recognize the remarkable and outstanding scientific publications by early-career researchers in the field of disease-related, translational, neurosciences. Sole First author of original research articles published between January 1, 2020, and December 31, 2020 and affiliated with the call partner countries are eligible to apply.

The Excellent Paper in Neuroscience Award 2021 focuses on Biomarkers. The article should contribute progress in the development and validation of reliable biomarkers for the diagnosis, patient stratification, prognosis, monitoring and prediction of treatment response and side effects in neurological and psychiatric diseases.

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“EXCELLENT PAPER IN NEUROSCIENCE” AWARD 2021 – thematic focus on Biomarkers