CAJAL lectures

Tuesday 11

9h00: Erika Holzbaur – Autophagy dynamics in neuronal homeostasis and neuro-degeneration
10h15: Christian Rosenmund – Investigation of mechanisms of synaptic vesicle exocytosis using optical methods
11h30: Eric Jorgensen – Resolving time in electron microscopy

Wednesday 12
9h00: Gary Lewin – Exploring the biology of sensory transduction with extremophile mole-rats
10h15: Shigeki Watanabe – Spatial and temporal control of synaptic transmission
11h30: Janine Kirstein – Chaperone-mediated remodeling of amyloid proteins
12h15: Marius Wernig – Properties of neurons derived from human induced pluripotent stem cells

Saturday 15
9h00: Silvio Rizzoli – Super-resolution imaging of synaptic composition
10h15: Maxime Cazorla – Reconstituting brain networks on-a-chip to study intracellular dynamics
11h30: Cyril Hanus – Compartmentalized processing in the dendritic secretory pathway
12h15: Guillaume Van Niel – Live tracking of exosome secretion and communication

Monday 17
9h00: Volke Haucke – Mechanisms of presynapse function and assembly
10h15: Daniela Dieterich- Probing translational capacities with a click
11h30: Gregory Giannone – Unveil the nano-scale organization of β3-integrin at dendritic spines
12h15: Andrew Plested – Optical methods to study glutamate receptor biophysics

Thursday 20
9h00: Stephan Sigrist – From proteins to behavior: shedding light on synapse organisation
10h15: Valentin Naegerl – Super-resolution microscopy for neuroscience: new approaches and applications
11h30: Patrik Vestreken – Synaptic protein turnover in Parkinson’s disease

Friday 21
9h00: Mike Fainzilber – The Importins of Local Translation in Neuronal Growth and Regeneration
10h15: Robin Hiesinger – Live imaging of axon terminal development and maintenance in Drosophila brains
11h30: Alexander Walter – Analysis of SV release site coupling distances to voltage gated Ca2+ channels at active zones of the Drosophila neuromuscular junction
12h15: David Owald – Spontaneous Ca2+ and voltage fluctuations in the Drosophila brain

Saturday 22
9h00: Frédéric Saudou – Huntingtin: Linking Fast Axonal Transport, Energy Supply and Neurotrophin Signaling to Neurodegeneration
10h15: Anna Fejtova – CtBP1 promotes synaptic vesicle cycling by formation of permissive lipid environment for compensatory endocytosis
11h30: Ingrid Chamma – Super-resolution imaging of synaptic adhesion protein dynamics and organization
12h15: Helge Ewers – Nanoscale organization and function of the cytoskeleton

Wednesday 25
9h00: Gianpietro Schiavo – Axonal transport in health and disease
10h15: Laura Andreae – STORM imaging of synaptic vesicle pools during neuronal development
11h30: Klaus Nave – Myelination and the glial support of axonal energy metabolism

Thursday 27
9h00: Daniel Choquet – Nanoscale dynamic organization of receptors and synaptic function
11h30: Ira Milosevic – Regulation of vesicle acidification at the neuronal synapse
12h15: Etienne Herzog – Sorting and imaging specific synaptosomes from the mouse brain

Publication: 06/09/18
Last update 06/09/18