BordeauxTea journal club joins the ADUM catalog

The BordeauxTea journal club, for Open Science, has become part of the ADUM catalog. This means PhD students can subscribe to the course online and get training credits/hours from it! You can already subscribe in the platform.

Explanations by Eduarda and Fjola, PhD students in charge of BordeauxTea :

When will this happen?
The course will start in January and sessions will be held throughout the next calendar year (2022). We will continue with monthly sessions (10 in total) in a hybrid manner (in-person and Zoom).

How will it happen?
For the first session, we will introduce Open Science and explain the course. Afterwards, we expect the students to host/mediate the sessions. We’ll have a cap of 18 students (max of 2 students hosting/mediating per session).
In the document below, we have a list of suggested topics per session (inspired by the FOSTER tree), but we are open to other ideas/students’ suggestions.

Each session will have free snacks and drinks provided by the Neurocampus Graduate Program.

What are the course’s criteria? 
Students should follow a minimum of 90% of the sessions and host/mediate one of the sessions to get a certificate.
Nevertheless, there will be no emission of a certificate if not registered in ADUM.

I want still want to attend but will not take the course formally, is that possible?
Yes, anyone and everyone is welcome to attend our sessions; however, training hours will not be given if the criteria are not met.

Further information
Please have a look at this document for more details.

Hope to see you soon!
Eduarda & Fjola

Publication: 29/09/21
Last update 29/09/21