BioNeuVE project

The BioNeuVE project is a teaching Neuroscience Virtual Exchange for Biological undergraduate students of Science and Technologies College and School of Life Sciences of Warwick university (UK). Initiated by Karine Massé last year, this virtual exchange (VE) is now co-supervised by Bruno Frenguelli (Warwick University) and Karine Massé (University of Bordeaux). This VE is followed by a group of third year students (Bordeaux Life Sciences and Warwick Neurosciences Bachelors) willing to pursue their university study in the field of Neurosciences. This VE is in the form of eight online scientific seminars, four given by associate professors/professors/scientists from Bordeaux Neurocampus (this year by Aline Desmedt, Morgane Jego, Arthur Leblois and Agnès Nadjar) and four by neuroscientists from Warwick School of Life Sciences (this year by Johannes Boltze, Nicholas Dale, Mark Wall and Xuming Zhang) on diverse field of Neurosciences and aim to provide these students with a complementary Neuroscience background.

To conclude this VE, a conference will take place in Bordeaux Neurocampus on Monday 13th and Tuesday 14th March 2023, offering the possibility to the students to meet in person and more importantly to present their joint work under the format of a poster. Indeed, during this VE, students have been asked to work in doubled mixed pairs (two french and two english students)  in order to propose experimental strategies to study one neuroscientific question of their choice. Scientific seminars given by Bruno Frenguelli, Mark Wall and Fabien Wagner will also take place during these conference days.

In addition to give a unique opportunity to Bordeaux and Warwick students to exchange on a Neuroscience topic, this VE and in particular this conference introduce these future Master and PhD students to the world of scientific research. To conclude, this VE has allowed to build networking activity between Bordeaux and Warwick neuroscientists in teaching and hopefully will lead to the development of collaboration in research.

This 2 days conference BioNeuVE has been funded by the Bordeaux International Support-UK program.


(Lectures are open to everyone. Feel free to come and see posters too!)

Monday 13th March / Centre Broca

Blitz session by students

Lecture by Bruno Frenguelli (Warwick)
Title: A very selective approach to adenosine-based analgesics

Lecture by Fabien Wagner (Bordeaux)
Title: Neuroprosthetic technologies for restoring motor and cognitive functions in neurological disorders

Poster sessions

Tuesday 14th March / CGFB

Lecture by Mark Wall (Warwick)
Title : mGlu5 receptors, PAMs, GABA, epilepsy and schizophrenia 


Karine Massé
Assistant professor
Institut des maladies neurodégénératives

Publication: 08/03/23
Last update 09/03/23