Impact of an intense stress on ethanol consumption in female rats characterized by their pre-stress preference: Modulation by prenatal stress

M. Darnaudéry, H. Louvart, L. Defrance, M. Léonhardt, S. Morley-Fletcher, S.H. Gruber, G. Galietta, A.A. Mathé, S. Maccari
Brain Research. 2007-02-01; 1131: 181-186
DOI: 10.1016/j.brainres.2006.11.005

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We examined the influence of prenatal stress on alcohol preference in adult female rats exposed to an intense stress. To take into account interindividual variability, the study was conducted in animals categorized as low or high alcohol preferring. After footshock, control high-preferring rats strongly reduced their alcohol consumption; in contrast, alcohol consumption was not changed in high-preferring rats that were prenatally stressed.

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