Cannabinoid Signalling in the Brain: New Vistas

A. Busquets‐Garcia, M. Melis, L. Bellocchio, G. Marsicano
Eur J of Neuroscience. 2022-02-03; :
DOI: 10.1111/ejn.15618

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Busquets-Garcia A(1), Melis M(2), Bellocchio L(3)(4), Marsicano G(3)(4).

Author information:
(1)Cell-type mechanisms in normal and pathological behaviour Research Group,
Neuroscience Programme, IMIM Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute,
Barcelona, Spain.
(2)Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Cagliari. Cagliari, Italy.
(3)INSERM, U1215 NeuroCentre Magendie, Bordeaux, France.
(4)University of Bordeaux, Bordeaux, France.


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