Animal testing training for Master students

Denis Combes, Academic Officer of the Bordeaux Neurocampus graduate School, is pleased to announce that the first training for animal testing to our Master students has started this week. This training will make our students: aware of ethics, familiar with the rules governing animal experimentation as well as with the French and European regulations. It will give our students new competences and a recognized qualification at the national level required to perform animal testing in a laboratory. In addition, this training, free for our Master’s students, is an undeniable advantage for our host laboratories as we are all very concerned by regulatory requirements about animal care.

Denis Combes would especially like to thank Etienne ROUX and Camille MENARD for their involvement and the tremendous work they have done to implement this training and made it validated by the Ministry, as well as to all our colleagues involved in teaching. I also thank the Biology Formation Unit and the Health College for their support.

The supervisors of Master’s students are asked to do everything to allow students to attend the practical and theoretical lessons and to insist on the importance of following such a training. By ministerial obligation, attendance at all courses, theoretical and practical, is mandatory (legally, a maximum of half a day of absence for a justified reason is allowed for the whole training).

This training will be gradually improved with its anglicization, the production of online courses etc … From next year, we will try to open it to PhD students, post-docs or other staff to self-finance this training.

Philosophical and ethical foundations of animal experimentation, French regulation, role and functioning of ethics committees – Elements of Physiology and Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates (Rodents and Lagomorphs) – Rodent Ethology and Behavior – Physiology of pain and stress – Anesthesia & Analgesia of Rodents and Lagomorphs, Methods of Euthanasia – Basic experimental procedures in rodents, endpoints, lines and strains and genetic models – Alternative methods to animal testing – Environment, housing, hygiene, sanitary management & pathologies of Rodents and Lagomorphs – Handling and restraint of mouse and rat, basic gestures in animal experimentation

Validation of the national specific training for animal experimentation: ” application de procédures expérimentales (Rongeurs et Lagomorphes)”

Organization Courses
 33.5hr / Tutorials: 3.5hr / Practical: 8hr Presence at all lessons is mandatory. – The theoretical part takes place from 17 to 21 December 2018 – The tutorial/practical part will take place from 14 to 18 january 2019 for the Master 2 and Master 1 NeuroBIM / Neurasmus students, and from 17 to 21 June 2019 for other Master 1 students.
Examination will occur at the end of the tutorial/practical week