CoEN 2019 call for proposals: Pathfinder 4

The Network of Centres of Excellence in Neurodegeneration (CoEN) is an international initiative involving research funders in Canada (Canadian Institutes of Health Research, CIHR), Flanders (Vlaams Institute voor Biotechnologie, VIB), France (Agence Nationale de la Recherche, ANR), Germany (Deutsches Zentrum für Neurodegenerative Erkrankungen, DZNE), Italy (Ministero della Salute, MDS), Republic of Ireland (Science Foundation Ireland, SFI), Slovak Republic (Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport, MESRS), Spain (Instituto de Salud Carlos III, ISCIII) and the UK (Medical Research Council, MRC).

The new call for Pathfinder projects is being launched by six of the nine CoEN members:

  • ANR (France)
  • CIHR (Canada)
  • DZNE (Germany)
  • ISCIII (Spain)
  • MDS (Italy)
  • MRC (UK)

The call seeks to address the need for innovative research to underpin new approaches to therapeutic intervention. As before, applications will connect centres with a critical mass of resources and expertise to drive a step change in neurodegeneration research. The six agencies are contributing approximately £3.6M (equivalent to €4.2M or CA$6.4M) to fund awards made under the call involving their national centres of excellence (CoEs). A list of eligible CoE in each country can be found here.

Deadline for application is November 4, 2019

More details

Information in english on the COEN website

You want to apply?

In order to have a better coordination, if you plan to apply, please write to Julie Erraud , with a summary (a dozen of lines) of your project and the list of your partners.

A support letter from BIND coordination is needed.