2nd scientific day by the Ecole Santé Sciences

Emotions and health

Our emotional and physical health are inextricably linked. Our bodies respond physically to the way we think, feel or act, whether we’re happy, sad or frightened. Our emotions have the capacity to harm or heal, and not just psychologically but also physically. Many things that happen in our daily lives can disrupt our emotional health, and thus affect our well-being. This mind/body connection is really captivating and is the subject of many scientific studies since its understanding remains poor.
The students of Ecole Santé Sciences of Bordeaux invite you to explore this fascinating connection between emotions and health, welcome in this journey to the centre of the brain!

Ecole Santé Sciences, scientific day  

For the second year, the students are organizing a scientific conference in Bordeaux. It will take place on Saturday March the 7th, 2020. This scientific event will offer inspiring lectures on interdisciplinary contents, at the interface between medicine and scientific research. Science, medical, psychological and physician-scientists are the target audience, but the event will be open to the public. Last year’s event has been a great success, gathering more than 100 participants around world-famous researchers. We are hoping to beat this record and attract again our vibrant scientific community. We will receive, among others:

  • Katia M’Bailara, from the Psychology laboratory (Université de Bordeaux), will talk about her work on bipolar disorders and emotions.
  • Samuel Lépine, member of the Moral and Politic Philosophy laboratory (Université de Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne) will give a presentation titled “Emotions and mental health, some philosophical insights“.
  • Cyril Herry, from the Neurocentre Magendie (Université de Bordeaux) will introduce the neuroscience underlying emotional learning and neural networks.

This event is supported by the department of Health Sciences of the University of Bordeaux, by the Bordeaux Neurocampus Department, the French Physician-Scientist students association (AMPS) and the medical students association, les Carabins de Bordeaux.

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Publication: 11/02/20
Last update 07/02/20