Brainstorm: 7th issue

The 7th issue of Brainstrom is out with an illustration by Charles Ducrot (IINS) on the cover. You can find the paper version in the institutes or download the PDF.


Page 4 – Review.
Music rehabilitation: a focus on post strokes treatment. By Lisa Meylotte (Master2)
Page 10 – Letter
Nanoscience in Neurosciences. By Juan Estaún Panzano (PhD student)
Page 13 – Dissemination article.
Beyond tremors: a brief exploration of Parkinson’s disease. By Ludovica Congiu (Assistant engineer)
Page 17 – Interview of Giovanni Marsicano.
The necessity of a big picture science. By Juan Garica Ruiz (PhD student)
Page 20 – Neuromeme.
Simon Lecomte (PhD student)
Page 20 – Job offer

About Brainstorm

News: Brainstorm, the new neuroscience student journal in Bordeaux (October 2022)

Publication: 19/12/23
Mise à jour: 19/12/23