BrainStorm: the new neuroscience student journal in Bordeaux.

You are a MSc or a PhD student in neuroscience? Then you are more than welcome to participate in BrainStorm, the new neuroscience student journal in Bordeaux, supported by the Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program.

You can write either a short-review on a topic of your choice, or a one-page letter (a reflection, a project or an insight you would like to share with the scientific community), a dissemination article about clinical neuroscience (neurodegeneration, neurodevelopmental disorders, psychiatric disorders…) with the aim to reach a more general public, or a neurojoke.

These articles were reviewed by students who bear responsibility for the content.

Don’t start to worry, you won’t be alone! You will work hand-by-hand with the editors and they will send you guidelines and a template to make your life easier. Perhaps you would like to know that the best review will get a special prize by June 2023.

If writing is not your thing and you prefer to express yourself through art, there is a place for you too! For each issue an artist will be recruited to design the cover page illustration. And remember that microscopic images are also a form of art!

1st issue

  • Student blog: Astrocytes and juvenile brain injury
  • Review: Neuroinflammation, from physiology to pathology
  • Letter: Open Science
  • Neurogame: word search
  • Neurojoke

Printed versions will be available soon in every institute.

Download the 1st issue (pdf; 785ko)

Wanna be part of the next issue?

Write to

BrainStorm Editorial Committee

Juan Garcia-Ruiz. PhD student in the « Neuron-Glia Interactions » (NeuroCentre Magendie)
Sara Carracedo. PhD student in the team « Purinergic signaling, inflammation and neurological disorders » (IMN)
Simon Lecomte. PhD student in the team « Synaptic circuits of memory » (IINS)
Khadija Inam. CRA student.
Louise Eygret.  PhD student in the « NutriMind team » (NutriNeuro).
Publication: 20/10/22
Mise à jour: 04/11/22