Bordeaux Neurocampus à la FENS

Retrouvez Arnaud Rodriguez et Alban Belloir, de l’équipe administrative de Bordeaux Neurocampus et Cristina Lemos, du Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program à la FENS.

Rendez-vous sur le stand 145, tout près des posters !

De nombreux représentants de notre communauté seront bien entendu présents lors de symposiums et tables rondes, ou pour des posters.


Nora ABROUS, Neurocentre Magendie
11th July – Symposium 27 – Adult hippocampal neurogenesis in physiology and pathology
The temporal origin of dentate granule neurons dictates their morpho-functional properties

Laurent GROC, IINS
12th July – Symposium 35 – Antibodies in brain pathophysiology
Molecular interplay between autoantibodies and glutamate receptor at the plasma membrane

> 13th July – Symposium 56 – Thinking outside the box: alternative targets and stratégies for addiction
Non-drug rewards as alternative to drug addiciton

Panelists in panel discussions

> 9th JulySession 922
Stories form the home cage: an evening event focused on working with mice in the home cage

Anna BEYELER, Neurocentre Magendie
> 11th July – Session 920
ALBA-WWN-IBRO Mentoring Circle: Leadership and diversity at every step of the journey
> 12th July – Session 1280
Mentoring during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond

Satellite events

The Cognitive Thalamus
Co-organizer: Mathieu Wolff (INCIA)

Neurosciences in space
Co-organizers: Jean-Luc Morel, Didier Le Ray and Etienne Guillaud (INICA)

Vascular hypotheses for understanding and restoring memory impairments
Co-organizer: Jean-Luc Morel (INCIA)

Understanding Behaviour: Molecular, Cellular & Systems Approaches
Co-organizer: Wim Crusio

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Publication: 22/06/22
Mise à jour: 13/07/22