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FENS 2022 Satellite Event: The Cognitive Thalamus

8 juillet 2022

This is a vibrant time to talk about the thalamus, in view of the explosion of researches focusing on new thalamic roles in the cognitive field. Our satellite meeting is organized in the spirit of bringing together research colleagues who are interested in the thalamus and investigate its role in cognition, especially through its interactions with the hippocampal formation and prefrontal areas, its contribution to cognitive and behavioral brain functions and/or dysfunctions; and as a treatment target for neurological and psychiatric diseases. Our satellite meeting will thus draw attention to the role of the thalamus and medial diencephalon in higher cognitive functions, and help to disseminate novel ideas and evidence about thalamic functioning and provide networking opportunities for colleagues to build collaborations.

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Amphitheatre of the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institut (IPGG), Paris

6 Rue Jean Calvin, 75005 Paris, France


– Mathieu Wolff : INCIA (Institut des Neurosciences Cognitives et Intégratives d’Aquitaine), Bordeaux
– Jean-Christophe Cassel / Anne Pereira de Vasconcelos : LNCA (Laboratoire de Neurosciences Cognitives et Adaptatives),  Strasbourg
– Gisella Vetere : ESCPI (École supérieure de physique et de chimie industrielles), Paris
– Sébastien Parnaudeau : Sorbonne Université, UMR8246, UM119, UMRS1130, Institut de Biologie Paris Seine


Junior speakers marked with *

9:00     Welcome

S1. Neuroanatomy of thalamic circuits: Chair Acsady

Francisco Clasca (Spain)
The single-cell level organization of thalamic output pathways

Nóra Hádinger* (Hungry)
Selective cortical control of TRN from the frontal cortex

Cesar Porrero* (Spain)
The functional logic of higher-order thalamocortical axon branching to multiple areas

Robert Vertes (USA)
Projections from the orbital cortex to the midline thalamus, with functional considerations

10:20-10:45 Coffee break

S2. Emotion, attention & decision: Chair Wolff

Helen Barbas (USA) / Basilis Zikopoulos (USA) (shared presentation)
Pathways for content, context, and emotions through the primate dorsal thalamus and the thalamic reticular nucleus

Sarah Morceau* (France)
Exploit or explore? Thalamocortical circuits for deciding in dynamic environments

Mike Halassa (USA)
Thalamocortical interactions in flexible cognitive control

Anna Mitchell (New Zealand)
The mediodorsal thalamus and cardiovascular and olfactory processing

12:00-13:30 Lunch Break

S3. Learning & memory: Chair Pereira de Vasconcelos

Aline Stephan (France)
Do the reuniens/rhomboid nuclei participate in encoding contextual and spatial memories?

Bianca Silva (Italy)
Thalamic circuits for fear memory attenuation

Gisella Vetere (France)
Thalamic involvement in the consolidation of long-lasting spatial memories

Belen Pardi (Germany)
A thalamocortical top-down circuit for associative memory

14:40-14:50 Quick break

S4. Thalamus, sleep & beyond: Chair Cassel

Antoine Adamantidis (Switzerland)
Optical dissection of thalamic implication in sleep structure and functions

Michal Milczarek* (UK)
The dynamics of hippocampal-mammillary body activity across the sleep-wake cycle

Didier Pinault (France)
The thalamic reticular nucleus, sleep and schizophrenia

14:45-15:10 Coffee break

S5. Focus on the human & NHP thalamus: Chair Barbeau

Melanie Wilke (Germany)
Contributions of the pulvinar to transform perception into actions

James Perry* (UK)
Anterior thalamic pathology in Down syndrome

Giulio Pergola (Italy)
The human thalamus in cognition

Shirin Mahdavi* (Germany) PhD
Thalamic Contributions to Internal Models for Motor Control

Csaba Dávid* (Hungary)
Morpho-functional segmentation of the human thalamus linked to the frontal cortex using the combination of cell types and afferents

Lola Danet* (France)
Impact of unilateral thalamic infarct involving the mediodorsal nucleus on the functional connectivity of humans

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8 juillet 2022
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