Training on Work-Life Balance in academia

“I only have two hands… » : A few words about how combining different aspects of life can be a challenge.

A 3-H training on Work-Life Balance in academia organized by the Neurocampus Parity Committee and RESET’s University of Bordeaux

This training will be held by Dr. Paulina Szymanska from the Institute of Psychology of the University of Lodz (Poland).

Date: 26/09/2024

Hours: 9:00 – 12:00

Location: CARF – Salle sud

Audience: PhD students, Post-doc students, and researchers of the Neurocampus community.

Limited number of participants: 15

Free Registration at

Registration Deadline: 25/07/2024


  • Introduction to the concept of work-life balance: ways of defining, criticism, and alternative concepts.
  • Integration of life roles at different stages of life – does gender and age matter in shaping work-life balance?
  • Why it’s worth talking and negotiating different things? – The role of contracting in the process of balancing between various life spheres.
  • Good practices in building satisfying relationships between work and personal life.


  • Building and expanding knowledge, raising awareness about the integration of different life spheres
  • Focusing on understanding the mutual two-way relationships between work and non-work domains – conflict and facilitation
  • Self-reflection on one’s functioning in different life roles
  • Personal development
  • Sharing experiences with other members of the NeuroCampus community


Publication: 01/07/24
Mise à jour: 01/07/24