GENPPHAASS (Study group of neurophysiology, pharmacology, sleep and sleepiness)
GENPPHAASS (Groupe d'étude de neurophysiologie, pharmacologie, sommeil et somnolence)


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This team is devoted to study Sleep and Neuropsychiatric disorders with a specific emphasis on new technologies (E-health) and computer sciences, human behaviors, biological and psychological markers, pathophysiological mechanisms and consequent risk factors impacting daily life functions of healthy subjects and patients.

Selected publications

Chef(s) d'équipe

Membres de l'équipe

Cecile Klochendler (Chef de projet)

Personnel(s) de recherche

Aurélien Boiseau (Assistant de recherche clinique)
Cédric Valtat (Assistant de recherche clinique)
Jean-Arthur Micoulaud Franchi (Chercheur)
Kelly Guichard (Chercheur)
Muriel Bacarisse (Assistante de recherche clinique)
Stéphanie Bioulac (Chercheur)

Personnel(s) technique