Post-doctoral position – Vulnerability to the addictive properties of E-cigarette and flavored e-liquid

A two year postdoctoral position (with possibility of 1 year renewal) is available at the “Institut de Neurosciences Cognitives et Intégratives d’Aquitaine” (INCIA, CNRS UMR 5287), in the EMOTIV team (“Emotion, Motivation and Cognition” team (https://www.bordeaux-neurocampus.fr/team/e-motiv/)), in the frame of a collaborative project entitled: Dysregulation of the dopamine activity in the olfactory system as a biomarker for vulnerability to the addictive properties of E-cigarette and flavored e-liquid?” The project is funded by the IRESP/ INCa institutes, is built on an ongoing collaboration between Stéphanie Caillé (Coordinator, INCIA, EMOTIV team leader Bordeaux Neurocampus) and François Georges (Institut des maladies Neurodégénératives (IMN); Bordeaux Neurocampus).

The successful candidate will aim to understand how flavored nicotine e-liquids might increase the induction of conditioned effects of e-cigarette vaping. The role of the odor-guided reward in the development of smoking habits is a research axis that has received little attention yet. Accordingly, the objectives of this neurobehavioral project will be to describe the anatomical and functional bases of the reciprocal interaction between the olfactory tubercles and the reward system, as well as its involvement during the induction of behavioral vulnerability to both flavored and unflavored nicotine.

Requirements: Previous experience in one or several of the following topics would be an asset: viral strategies, fiber photometry and quantitative approaches for data analysis. Applicants should have a PhD in neuroscience, engineering, or a related discipline.

Environment: The INCIA institute, hosting 13 teams including clinical and preclinic research, is located in a brand-new research building part of the Bordeaux Neurocampus. The Bordeaux Neurocampus brings together 52 research teams and about 800 research staff to study brain functions and related pathologies is a highly interdisciplinary environment, with access to numerous cutting-edge technical facilities and makes Bordeaux a very stimulating place to conduct multidisciplinary researches.

How to Apply

Highly motivated applications should include a CV, academic achievements, a brief statement of research interests including your past experience and names of at least 2 referees.

A candidate with a very good CV will be encouraged to apply for tenure-track position in a French research Institute (CNRS, INSERM, University of Bordeaux) to join the EMOTIV team.

Applications should be sent to Stéphanie Caillé ().

Applications will be accepted until the position is filled (preferably before May 2024).

Publication: 05/03/24
Mise à jour: 06/03/24