Post-Doctoral fellow F/M in Neurobiology and Nutrition

You will be welcomed in the unit NutriNeuro UMR1286 (team NutriMind) at Bordeaux University to dissect the role of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) on microglia maturation during brain development.

Postnatal developmental period is decisive for the optimal maturation of the mammalian brain. Programmed apoptosis is essential for proper postnatal brain development, resulting in neuronal network sculpting via elimination of in excess dead cells. Therefore, understanding brain physiological maturation cellular mechanisms is key to prevent alterations and restore an optimal neurodevelopment. Microglia, brain resident innate immune cells, have a determining role in sculpting neuronal networks via phagocytosis. The role of lipids as key players during brain development has been neglected. Long chain PUFAs largely accrete in the brain during early phases of postnatal brain development. Thus, you will aim to understand the LC-PUFAs-dependent cellular and molecular mechanisms underlying microglia maturation during brain development.

Charlotte Madore-Delpech

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Publication: 20/02/24
Mise à jour: 20/02/24