Post-doc position: Molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in motor neuron diseases

The team « Translational research in Neurogenetic diseases », at the INCIA institute, is hiring a post-doctoral fellow.

INCIA is an Institute of the Bordeaux Neurocampus, the research departement in neuroscience of the university of Bordeaux, gathering 800 researchers on 6 research units.

Offer Description

The project goals are to determine the functions and effects of different isoforms of genes, focusing on genes involved in motor neuron diseases with the aim of better understanding the molecular and cellular mechanisms involved in these disorders.

The postdoctoral researcher will have the objectives to:
– Study the functional role and intracellular localization of selected isoforms of genes by modification of their expression (overexpression or silencing) in various cell lines and human neurons derived from pluripotent stem cells.

– Generate long read RNASeq data from cell lines and neurons derived from IPSC from patients (in a platform or in the lab according to the skills of the postdoc) and correlate the mutation with the isoforms produced and the phenotype observed.


– Independent management of the research project
– Data formatting and regular communication with the research team
– Scientific communication (writing of scientific publications, oral presentations)


– At ease in cell culture (and/or differentiation of IPSC into neurons)
– Basic molecular biology for production of expression vectors
– +/- Bioinformatics analysis of RNAseq data and/or long-read sequencing (or willing to learn).

Research Field

Human genetics
Biological sciences

City, Country
Bordeaux, France

Type of Contract
Temporary 24 months

Job Status

Hours Per Week

Offer Starting Date
 March 1st


Giovanni Stevanin
(exclusively at this address)

Publication: 15/02/24
Mise à jour: 16/02/24