January 30, 2020 – Haut-Carré (Talence).

MetaboDay aims at promoting interactions between researchers of the Bordeaux area interested in the various aspects of metabolism. This scientific event is open to researchers, post-docs and PhD students from all fields.

Registration is free but mandatory. Before January 17.


Sciences et Technologies pour la Santé

  • Luc PELLERIN « Monocarboxylate transporters: importance for intercellular and systemic exchanges. »
  • Florence OTTONES « Evaluating Cell Metabolism Through Autofluorescence Imaging of NADH and FAD by 2-Photon Microscopy in the context of Atherosclerosis »
  • Anne Karine BOUZIER SORE «  Lactate shuttle between astrocytes and neurons: importance for brain activity and neuroprotection. »
  • Philippe PASDOIS « Mitochondrial metabolic and structural remodeling in a model of Sheep Atrial Fibrillation monitored by telemetry »

Bordeaux Neurocampus

  • Daniela COTA “Role of mTOR signaling in energy balance”
  • Giovanni MARSICANO “Bioenergetics meet cannabinoids”
  • Xavier FIORAMONTI “Impact of fructose on the brain”
  • Sandrine POUVREAU “ER-mitochondria in synaptic function: learning from the mossy fiber-CA3 synapse”
  • Agnès NADJAR “Role of lipids in microglia function”

Sciences de l’Environnement        

  • Pierre PETRIACQ, « MetaboHUB-Bordeaux facilities for the study of plant metabolism »
  • Laetitia FOUILLEN « Plant lipidomics on the Bordeaux Metabolome facilities. »
  • Frederic DOMERGUE: « Unravelling the metabolism of plant surface lipids: characterization of enzymes with potential for industrial applications »
  • Sophie COLOMBIE : « Fruit metabolism and time-series modelling. »
  • Josep VALLS FONAYET « Targeted LC-MS and NMR Metabolomics tools for Quality and Authenticity studies in Oenology »

Sciences Biologiques et Médicales

  • Frédéric BRINGAUD « Metabolic contest », a new way to control carbon source preference »
  • Karine DEMENTHON « Metabolism and virulence of the opportunistic pathogenic yeasts Candida« 
  • Johan GARAUDE  » Metabolic crosstalk of host-pathogen interaction « 
  • Hamid REZVANI  » Targeting metabolism as a skin cancer prevention strategy « 
  • Benoît PINSON “Dual control of NAD+ synthesis by purine metabolites in yeast
  • Maya SALEH “Regulation of immunity by the hexosamine biosynthetic pathway”
  • Arnaud MOURIER “Redox driven rewiring of mitochondrial metabolism »


Before January 17



Publication: 04/01/19
Mise à jour: 10/01/20