Human Neuroimaging Day- Thursday 11 april 2024

Human Neuroimging day 2024 - flyer
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Venue: Centre Broca Nouvelle Aquitaine

The goal of this scientific day is to present a comprehensive overview of all the Bordeaux laboratories that are dedicated to human neuroimaging. It will cover the cognitive, clinical, and methodological aspects of research on the human brain, emphasizing a common approach: neuroimaging.

Registration and submission
The registration is free but mandatory

Abstract submission before 02/02/2024
Participation in this conference is possible through a poster or oral presentation.

Scientific committee

  • Sandra Chanraud (INCIA)
  • Gael Jobard (IMN)
  • Hervé Lemaître (IMN)
  • Emmanuel Mellet (IMN)
  • Sylvain Miraux  (RMSB)
  • Thomas Tourdias (Neurocentre Magendie)
  • Laure Zago (IMN)

Hervé Lemaître (IMN)

Publication: 18/01/24
Mise à jour: 30/01/24