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Tech’talk – Ignacio Fernandez Moncada

12 mars 2021 / 11:30 - 12:30

Videoconference. Zoom link sent bu email

Title : Real-time imaging of cellular processes with fluorescent biosensors

The brain is a heterogeneous tissue, whose highly specialized cells work in concert via a multitude of intracellular and extracellular interactions. Feed by this ever-evolving complexity, several techniques has been used or are being developed to better understand how the brain cell heterogeneity drives neurotransmission and behavior. One of them are the genetically-encoded fluorescent biosensors, a tool concept born decades ago, but that recently has started to mature and expand. With a rich palette of biosensors sensitive to ions, metabolites and enzymes, these tools are allowing us to explore the cell biology with unprecedented spatio-temporal resolution. However, as awesome these tools may look to newcomers, they are bound to limitations. Thus, a minimal knowledge on how the biosensors works and which type of information is relaying to us, is essential for its right use. This talk humbly proposes to give an insight into these topics.  On the first part of this talk, the general classification, properties, advantages and disadvantages of genetically-encoded fluorescent biosensors will be discussed. On the second half, the practical use of fluorescent biosensors will be presented trough two specific examples, the monitoring of astroglial energy metabolism and endocannabinoids dynamics.

Ignacio Fernandez Moncada
Post-doctoral researcher
Team Marsicano

Interview (May 2020)

Neurocampus tech’talks

Tech’talks‘ purpose is to extensively present a technique used in a research project: general principle and technical details, problems that may be encountered, methodological development… and results obtained.

This 30 minute presentation is followed by a discussion (around 30 minutes). Questions, exchanges and advice are welcome!

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Date :
12 mars 2021
Heure :
11:30 - 12:30
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