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Soutenance d’HDR – Lisa Roux

8 avril 2022 / 08:00 - 17:00

Lisa Roux

En anglais


Neurophysiological substrates of memory formation: insights from olfactory and hippocampal networks


Lisa Roux is a researcher at CNRS leading the team “Olfaction and Memory” at the Interdisciplinary Institute for Neuroscience (IINS, CNRS UMR5297, Bordeaux University, France) since 2018. She did her PhD in the lab of Christian Giaume at the Collège de France where she worked on neuro-glial interactions in the olfactory system using primarily slice electrophysiology methods. Her work unraveled a bi-directional loop of interactions between neuron and astrocyte networks which could impact olfactory information processing. In 2012, Lisa Roux joined the lab of Gyorgy Buzsáki at the New York University (USA) as a postdoctoral fellow. There, she used advanced in vivo electrophysiology and optogenetic approaches in freely moving mice to understand the mechanisms of hippocampal oscillations and their function in spatial memory processes. Notably, she studied the cellular mechanisms involved in two types of network oscillations, fundamental to memory function in the hippocampus: theta and sharp wave ripple oscillations. Her work also uncovered a key role played by sharp wave ripple oscillations in the maintenance of the hippocampal “cognitive map” during spatial learning. The role played by inhibitory interneurons in shaping circuit functions in the behaving animal was at the core of her work. As an independent group leader at the IINS, she broadened her field of investigation by studying the neuronal substrates of olfactory memory formation.

Selected publications

Roux L., Hu B., Eichler R., Stark E., Buzsáki G. Sharp wave ripples during learning stabilize the hippocampal spatial map. Nature Neuroscience, 20(6):845-853 (2017)

Roux L., Madar A., Lacroix MM, Chenju Y., Benchenane K., Giaume C. Astroglial Connexin 43 Hemichannels Modulate Olfactory Bulb Slow Oscillations. J Neurosci., 35(46):15339-52 (2015)

Stark E.*, Roux L.*, Eichler R.*, Senzai Y., Royer S., Buzsáki G. (*equal contribution) Pyramidal cell-interneuron interactions underlie hippocampal ripple oscillations. Neuron, 83(2):467-80 (2014)

Stark E., Eichler R., Roux L., Fujisawa S., Rotstein HG, Buzsáki G. Inhibition-induced theta resonance in cortical circuits. Neuron, 80(5):1263-76 (2013)

Roux L., Benchenane K., Rothstein J., Bovento G., Giaume C. Plasticity of astroglial networks in the olfactory glomeruli. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A., 108(45):18442-6 (2011)


Guillaume Ferreira (DR INRAE, HDR, University of Bordeaux): President
Emmanuelle Courtiol (CR CNRS, HDR, University of Lyon) : Rapporteur
Stéphanie Trouche (CR INSERM, HDR, University of Montpellier) : Rapporteur
Karim Benchenane (DR CNRS, HDR, Sorbonne University) : Rapporteur
Gabrielle Girardeau (CR INSERM, HDR, Sorbonne University) : Examiner
Giovanni Marsicano (DR INSERM, HDR, University of Bordeaux) : Examiner

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Date :
8 avril 2022
Heure :
08:00 - 17:00
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