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Seminar – Shimpei Ishiyama

jeudi 30 mai / 11:00

Venue: Institut Magendie – Conference room

Shimpei Ishiyama
junior group leader
University of Mainz, Germany

Invited by Cyril Herry


Neuroscience of Fun


Despite its significance in social well-being, the concept of fun remains understudied in neuroscience. Social play behavior is a fundamental component of animal interactions, contributing to the development of social bonds and cognitive functions. In this presentation, we will explore two recent studies that delve into the dynamics and neural underpinnings of play in different rodent species. The first study investigates the anterior insula’s role in processing tickle-induced playful emotions in rats. We revealed diverse patterns of insular activity during tickling, with specific neuronal units showing strong activation or inhibition correlated with playful vocalizations. Anterograde tracing highlighted extensive insular projections to the amygdala and nucleus accumbens, suggesting potential downstream structures underlying playful emotional states. The second study focuses on the comparative analysis of play behavior in tame mice and golden hamsters. Tame mice, selectively bred to approach human hands, displayed heightened playfulness with humans, characterized by increased vocalizations and chasing behavior, as well as enhanced interactions with tame conspecifics compared to control mice. In contrast, golden hamsters showed a stronger preference for conspecific interactions. In both tame mice and hamsters, vocalizations exhibited distinct characteristics during tickling and conspecific play, indicating context-dependent vocalizations. These findings underscore the influence of social structure on play behavior and communication patterns, providing insights into the evolutionary basis of social play across species. Together, these studies offer a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms driving social play and emotional processing in rodents, enriching our knowledge of how different species form social bonds, experience play, and derive fun.

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jeudi 30 mai
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