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Impromptu Seminar – Maxence Gaillard

mardi 9 janvier / 11:00

Venue : Broca Center

Maxime Gaillard
Centre for Medical Ethics
University of Oslo, Norway

Invited by Cédric Brun


Epistemological and ethical challenges of organoid technology


I will provide an overview of the ethical issues raised by organoid technology and introduce some key challenges such as the moral status of stem cell derived constructs, the ethics of biobanking, the assessment of clinical applications in personalized medicine, and the prospects for replacing animal models. A presentation of the HYBRIDA project – embedding a comprehensive ethical dimension to organoid-based research and related technologies – will bring an opportunity to reflect on the current regulatory landscape and forthcoming changes.


A member of the Centre for Medical Ethics (University of Oslo, Norway), I am a philosopher of science and bioethicist. I have a specific interest in philosophical issues raised by neuroscience and cognitive science – my PhD thesis (Lyon, 2015) was dedicated to some philosophical aspects of functional brain imaging. I have since conducted postdoctoral research in Japan and Belgium. My current projects encompass the ethics of stem cell research and neurotechnologies.

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mardi 9 janvier
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