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Seminar – Masahiro Tsuji

2 septembre 2022 / 11:30

Masahiro Tsuji
, Department of Food and Nutrition, Kyoto Women’s University

Invited by Muriel Darnaudery


Mild intrauterine hypoperfusion in rats reproduces neurodevelopmental disorders observed in children with fetal growth restriction

About the speaker

Masahiro Tsuji MD, PhD is a physical scientist and specializing in pediatric neurology and neuroscience. He has been working for clarifying the mechanisms of and developing novel therapies for brain injuries originating from fetal and neonatal period. He has been engaged in preclinical studies sing rodent models of neonatal hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy (Ogawa et al., Exp Neurol 2021) and neonatal stroke (Tsuji et al., Exp Neurol 2013) as well as intrauterine hypoperfusion (Ohshima et al., Sci Rep 2016). He, therefore, has ample experience in animal studies, with special emphasis on behavioral, anatomical, and imaging evaluations (e.g., MRI, SPECT/PET, imaging mass spectrometry). Past several years, he has been focusing on developing stem cell therapies for neonatal brain injury using those animal models (Tsuji et al., Neuroscience 2014, Tanaka et al., Front Neurol 2018, Suzuki et al. J Cereb Blood Flow Metab 2021). Recently, he broadened this research field into the utilization of nutrition for prevention/treatment for neurological problems in infants.


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2 septembre 2022
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