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Seminar – Marine Salery

19 septembre 2022 / 11:00

Venue : CGFB – auditorium

Marine Salery
Nash Family Department of Neuroscience, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai.

Invited by Lisa Roux (IINS).


Capturing, tracking and profiling cocaine-recruited neuronal ensembles in the nucleus accumbens.


Learned associations between the rewarding effects of drugs and the context in which they are experienced are decisive for precipitated drugseeking and relapse in addiction. These associative memories are stored in sparse and highly discriminative populations of concomitantly activated neurons defining drugrecruited ensembles. In this study, we explore the dynamics and molecular mechanisms of both the recruitment of these ensembles upon initial drug exposure and their contribution to the encoding, strengthening and ultimately expression of drugassociated memories. Additionally, we explore the intrinsic and acquired cellular properties favoring the allocation of specific cells to these ensembles and/or predicting their further reactivation. Capitalizing on the activitydependent labeling of neuronal ensembles in ArcCreERT2 mice (Denny et al., 2014), we were able to capture cocaineactivated cells in the nucleus accumbens and permanently tag them with fluorophores or channelrhodopsin for further characterization, optogenetics, and singlenuclei sorting. We identified a subset of neurons activated at both early and late stages of drug exposure and show that the level of reactivation of the initial ensemble correlates with the amplitude of behavioral sensitization. Similarly, reexposure to a cocainepaired context in a conditioned place preference (CPP) paradigm was associated with an increased reactivation of cocainerecruited ensembles. The behavioral consequences of such reactivation was further assessed using optogeneticsmediated artificial reactivation. We found that the reactivation of ensembles recruited at early versus latestages of drug exposure had opposite effects on CPP expression. We then isolated tagged nuclei with FACS and performed single nucleus RNA sequencing to analyze their transcriptional signature. Using activitydependent transcriptional programs as a marker of recent activation, we successfully isolated a cluster of reactivated cells within the initially activated ensemble. Together, such multiscale and ensemble specific approaches represent a pivotal step towards a better understanding of the cellular and molecular processes involved in the encoding of pathological memories associated with drug addiction.

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Date :
19 septembre 2022
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