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Seminar – Giuseppe Gangarossa

mercredi 12 juin / 15:00 - 17:00

Venue: CGFB

Giuseppe Gangarossa
Professor of Neurobiology of Homeostasis
Université Paris Cité

Invited by Victor Jouque and Daniela Cota (Magendie)


The paraventricular thalamus: a new player in the control of feeding behaviours and energy balance


The paraventricular thalamus (PVT) has recently emerged as a critical hub involved in the regulation of cognitive processes but also in the integration of homeostatic and visceral signals, thus controlling adaptive and food-seeking behavioural responses. However, despite growing evidence, the neural mechanisms by which the PVT gates feeding, energy balance and nutrients partitioning remain largely unknown.

Here, we show that catecholaminergic projections from the hindbrain to the PVT and a specific subpopulation of PVT-neurons, notably those expressing the dopamine D2 receptors, promptly and bidirectionally gate feeding behaviours, body homeostasis and energy balance, thereby contributing to the control of energy-related adaptive responses in both physiological and obesogenic contexts. In addition, by combining complementary cutting-edge strategies (cell-type specific chemogenetics, ex vivo and in vivo neuronal dynamics) to functional behavioural and metabolic readouts, we describe PVT D2R-neurons as gatekeepers of hunger and satiety.

These results may lead to a new understanding of unconventional brain circuits involved in food-related disorders and may provide new therapeutic solutions to counterbalance obesity-associated dysfunctions.

Recent publications

Castel et al., 2024 (Mol Psychiatry, PMID: 38361126)
Dumont et al., 2022 (J Physiol, PMID: 35648134)
Berland et al., 2022 (Mol Psychiatry, PMID: 35075269)
Berland et al., 2021 (Trends Endocrinol Metab, PMID: 34148784)
Berland et al., 2020 (Cell Metab, PMID: 32142669)

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Date :
mercredi 12 juin
Heure :
15:00 - 17:00
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