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Seminar – Dr. Takayuki Yamashita

3 mai 2023 / 11:00

Venue: CGFB


Dr. Takayuki Yamashita
Fujita Health University, Japan

Invited by Naoya Takahashi (IINS)


Uncovering the Neuronal Mechanisms of Uninstructed Orofacial Movements in Reward-Based Learning Behaviors


During reward-based learning tasks, animals make uninstructed orofacial movements that influence brain activity during reward anticipation and acquisition. Using task-performing mice, we investigated the details of these movements and their neuronal mechanisms. Our results show that orofacial movements can be induced without any accompanying goal-directed actions. Moreover, we found that the orofacial motions upon reward-expecting cue presentation and those upon reward acquisition differed in amplitude and vigor and were distinguishable by a machine learning model. We also discovered that the mesolimbic dopamine pathway and the whisker primary motor cortex coordinate to drive these movements differentially for distinct movements. In this talk, I will provide an overview of our recent findings.

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Date :
3 mai 2023
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