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Monthly conference (PhD seminar) – Denis Jabaudon

vendredi 12 janvier / 11:30

Venue : Centre Broca

Denis Jabaudon
Geneva University, Switzerland

Invited by : Simon Lecomte, IINS (Mulle’s team)


Temporal Controls Over Neuronal Diversity in the Developing Brain


The developing brain exhibits a remarkable diversity of neuronal cell types, each with specialized functions that contribute to the proper function of the mature brain. The mechanisms underlying the generation and specification of neuronal diversity during development are complex and incompletely understood. Here, we investigate temporal controls over this process by analyzing the developmental diversity of neuronal progenitors across multiple brain regions and developmental timepoints. Our results demonstrate that distinct spatial and temporal transcriptional programs control the timing and pattern of neuronal differentiation and specification during brain development. Our findings provide new insights into the mechanisms underlying neuronal diversity in the developing brain and suggest novel strategies for manipulating these processes to direct neuronal identity and connectivity.

PhD seminars are organized by the NBA, Bordeaux Neurocampus, and the Bordeaux Neurocampus Graduate Program

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vendredi 12 janvier
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