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20 janvier 2022


A new opportunity for fruitful exchanges on metabolism, from basic science to clinical research.


09h00 Introduction Arnaud Mourier/Agnès Nadjar

Session 1: 09h05 – 10h35
Moderator: Frédéric Bringaud

09h05 Camille Allard (Bordeaux Neurocampus)
Mitochondrial-associated cannabinoid receptor type 1 (mtCB1) in glucose-dependent insulin secretion.

09h20 Jean-Marc Blouin (SBM):
Substrate reduction therapy for inherited metabolic diseases of heme synthesis

09h35 Cyrille Botté – INVITED SPEAKER
Membrane biogenesis, host-parasite interaction and apicomplexa parasite survival: It’s all about lipids.

10h05 Alice Refeyton (SBM)
The mesenchymal stem cells properties related to the expression of aldehyde dehydrogenase and mitochondrial ROS content

10h20 Dousset Léa (SBM): Metabolic and immune features as predictive biomarkers of risk
stratification of skin carcinoma

10h35-10h50: Break

Session 2: 10h50 – 12h20
Moderator: Didier Lacombe

10h50 Isabelle REDONNET-VERNHET (SBM): Extension of French neonatal screening to seven
new inherited metabolic diseases in 2022

11h05 Emmanuel Tetaud (SBM): Metabolic adaptations allow Leishmania to survive deletion of
glucose transporter genes

11h20 Dominique Germain: Approches thérapeutiques actuelles dans les maladies lysosomales

11h50 Landry Blanc (STS): Decipher metabolism directly from tissues with mass spectrometry

12h05-13h30: Break

Session 3: 13h30 – 15h30
Moderator: Agnès Nadjar

13h30 Luigi Bellocchio (Bordeaux Neurocampus): Linking mitochondrial g-protein signaling to
cannabinoids-induced amnesia: a new mitochondria-specific chemogenetic strategy

13h45 Juliette Lesbats (SBM): Bacterial phagocytosis-mediated immunometabolic processes in

14h00 Juan Bolanos : Impact of mitochondrial organization on astroglia-neuron metabolic

14h30 Florence Ottones (Bordeaux Neurocampus): The specific optical properties of foamy
macrophages may be due to their specific metabolism and/or lipid handling

14h45 Hala Fatrouni (SBM): Rewiring lipid metabolism in liver cancer cells triggers lipid peroxide-
induced cell death of ferroptosis

15h00-15h15: Break

Session 4: 15h15 – 16h45
Moderator: Anne-Karine Bouzier-Sore

15h15 Sandrine Pouvreau (Bordeaux Neurocampus): Early MERCS and mitochondria dysfunction
in the P301s tauopathy model

15h30 Jochen Lang (STS): Bio-electronic micro-organ based sensors in the therapy of diabetes, a
metabolic disease

15h45 Louis Casteilla – Phenotypic plasticity of stem/mesenchymal stromal cells and metabolic

16h15 Jean-Pierre Mazat (SBM): A simple core model of metabolism around mitochondria

16h30: Concluding remarks. Arnaud Mourier

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Date :
20 janvier 2022
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