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Conférence mensuelle (PhD seminar series) – Paul A.M. Smeets

6 mars 2020 / 11:30

Lieu : Centre Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine

Paul A.M. Smeets
University Medical Center Utrecht
Brain Center Rudolf Magnus
Wageningen University, Division of Human Nutrition and Health


Food intake is regulated by the brain, which integrates multiple neural and hormonal signals to maintain homeostasis and ensure sufficient energy intake. Our current food environment is abundant and undeniably facilitates overconsumption and subsequent weight gain. Consequently, the global obesity epidemic is far from declining. Given the easy and wide availability of palatable energy-rich foods one can argue that most of our eating is non-homeostatic, so not driven by depletion of energy reserves. This means that many other factors are driving our eating decisions and thereby energy and nutrient intake, including but not limited to environmental factors such as food availability and portion size, and personal characteristics like reward sensitivity and food-related cognitions. We all know we should eat healthy but apparently many don’t put this into practice. Much research has focussed on the determinants of unhealthy eating and obesity including putative ‘malfunction’ of the reward system. I will take an opposite approach and explore the (brain) characteristics of healthy food choice and weight loss success and how these may translate into strategies that promote healthy eating.


Selected publications

Good practice in food-related neuroimaging
Smeets, Paul A M, Dagher, Alain, Hare, Todd A, Kullmann, Stephanie, van der Laan, Laura N, Poldrack, Russell A, Preissl, Hubert, Small, Dana, Stice, Eric, Veldhuizen, Maria G Mar 2019 in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 109 (3), p. 491-503

Development and body mass inversely affect children’s brain activation in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex during food choice
I.Family Consortium Nov 2019 in NeuroImage 201

Considering healthiness promotes healthier choices but modulates medial prefrontal cortex differently in children compared with adults
van Meer, F, van der Laan, LN, Viergever, MA, Adan, Roger, Smeets, PAM, On behalf of the I.Family Consortium Oct 2017 in NeuroImage 159 p. 325-333

Health interest modulates brain reward responses to a perceived low-caloric beverage in females
Rijn, Inge van, Wegman, Joost, Aarts, Esther, de Graaf, Cees, Smeets, Paul A M Jan 2017 in Health Psychology 36 (1), p. 65-72

Developmental differences in the brain response to unhealthy food cues: An fMRI study of children and adults
van Meer, Floor, van der Laan, Laura N, Charbonnier, Lisette, Viergever, Max A, Adan, Roger Ah, Smeets, Paul Am, I.Family Consortium Nov 2016 in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition 104 (6), p. 1515-1522

Sweet lies: neural, visual, and behavioral measures reveal a lack of self-control conflict during food choice in weight-concerned women
van der Laan, L.N., de Ridder, D.T.D., Charbonnier, L., Viergever, M.A., Smeets, P.A.M. 2014 in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience [E] 8 p. 184


Invité par Bordeaux Neurocampus et la NBA

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6 mars 2020
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