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Monthly conference (PhD seminar series) : Johannes Kohl

9 octobre 2020 / 11:30 - 12:30

Online. More details soon about the way to watch the conference.

Johannes Kohl
Francis Crick Institute – London, UK

Title : Deconstructing instinctive behaviours


Parenting is essential for the survival and wellbeing of offspring in many species, but we lack a circuit-level understanding of how this behaviour is orchestrated. Using viral tracing, in vivo imaging, optogenetic manipulations and behavioural profiling in mice, we recently discovered that a genetically specified class of hypothalamic neurons forms projection-defined subpopulations, each controlling specific aspects of parenting. This functional organization provides a new model for how discrete elements of a social behaviour are generated at the circuit level. Our current goal is to understand how physiological states (such as pregnancy, hunger and sleep) alter the form and function of this and other circuits for instinctive behaviours.

Selected publications

  1. Kohl J. Parenting – a paradigm for investigating the neural circuit basis of behavior. (2020). Curr Op. Neurobiol. 60:84-91.
  2. Autry AE, Wu Z, Kohl J, Bambah-Mukku D, Rubinstein ND, Marin-Rodriguez B, Carta I, Sedwick V and Dulac C. Perifornical area Urocortin-3 neurons promote infant-directed neglect and aggression. (2019). bioRxiv doi:
  3. Kohl J, Babayan BM, Rubinstein ND, Autry AE, Marin-Rodriguez B, Kapoor V, Miyamichi K, Zweifel LS, Luo L and Dulac C. Functional circuit architecture underlying parental behaviour. (2018). Nature 556(7701):326-331.
  4. Kohl J, Ng J, Cachero S, Ciabatti E, Dolan MJ, Sutcliffe B, Tozer A, Ruehle S, Krueger D, Frechter S, Branco T, Tripodi M, Jefferis GSXE. Ultrafast tissue staining with chemical tags. (2014). PNAS 111(36): E3805-14.
  5. Kohl J, Ostrovsky AD, Frechter S and Je­fferis GSXE. A bidirectional circuit switch reroutes pheromone signals in male and female brains. (2013). Cell 155(7): 1610-23.

Invité par Bordeaux Neurocampus et la NBA

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Date :
9 octobre 2020
Heure :
11:30 - 12:30
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