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Bordeaux Neurosciences – Chemistry Interface Day (BNCI Day)

mardi 9 avril

Venue : Centre Broca Nouvelle-Aquitaine

The aim of this Scientific Day is to gather 2 scientific communities in Bordeaux : neuroscientists and chemists. These two communities of excellence already interact punctually, however, the interface between neuroscience and chemistry is not formally structured. Yet, both fields of research are highly complementary and this interface can be rich of scientific production and innovation. Therefore, we organize the first Bordeaux Neurosciences – Chemistry Interface Day, in order to materialize the confluence of neuroscience and chemistry in Bordeaux. This scientific day also aims at being a good opportunity for students and researchers working at this interface to share their experience.

Organization committee

Clémentine Bosch-Bouju (NutriNeuro – Bordeaux INP – Neurocampus)
Marie-Lise Jobin (CBMN – Bordeaux INP)
Matthieu Sainlos (IINS, Neurocampus)
Frédéric Friscourt (IECB, ISM, UB)


9:00 – Welcoming coffee

9:30 – Introduction by Department Directors (Bordeaux Neurocampus, Bordeaux INP, STS, SMR)

– Véronique Pallet, Bordeaux INP
– Jérôme Baufreton, Bordeaux Neurocampus
– Marie-Christine Durrieu, STS Department
– Jérôme Cayssol, SMR Department

10:00 – Silvia Sposini (IINS) and Pierre Trifilieff (NutriNeuro):
Modulation of the activity and trafficking of the dopamine D2 receptor by membrane lipids

10:30 – Coffee Break

11.00 – Cyril Dejean (Magendie) and Jonathan Daniel (ISM):
Neurostimulation with optogenetics via fluorescent organic nanoparticles

11:30 – Flash talks – max 20 posters – 1 min/poster

12:00 – LUNCH TIME with posters (jury for Poster prize)

14:00 – Clementine Bosch-Bouju (NutriNeuro) and Sébastien Lecommandoux (LCPO):
Polymersomes for the photo-controlled delivery of molecules in targeted brain areas

14:30 – Angela Mutschler (LCPO) and Benjamin Dehay (IMN):
Development of nanovectors for lysosomal-based therapeutic strategies for neurodegenerative diseases

15:00 – Platform presentations :

– BIC (Sébastien Marais)
– BioCell (Natacha Retailleau)

15:30 – Sandrine Bertrand (INCIA) and Philippe Peixotto (ISM):
Total synthesis of Securinega alkaloids and study of their (neuro)biological activities

16:00 – Olivier Thoumine (IINS) and Matthieu Sainlos (IINS):
Molecular engineering for CLEM applications

16:30 – Concluding remarks, Announcement of poster prize (100 € x 2 or 3 posters)

17:00 – WINE & CHEESE with posters

Registration / Abstract submission

Registration is free but compulsory on

If you want to participate with a scientific talk, please contact us ()


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Date :
mardi 9 avril
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