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Entrust us with your samples! We offer a full service.

Neurocentre Magendie’s Transcriptomic Platform performs gene expression studies as part of scientific projects in various tissues in mice, rats, humans…

Our automated equipment in quantitative PCR (LightCycler 480 Roche + TwisterII Caliper) allows us to handle 20 plates 96 wells or 384 wells a day. More than 6500 couples of primers are listed in our database.
Our advanced equipment in digital PCR (QX200 Droplet Digital PCR Bio-Rad) makes it possible to realize various absolute quantifications without technical replication and standard range (expression of weakly expressed genes, quantification of viral stocks …).
We have also developed strategies for single-cell RT-PCR (patch clamp, cell sorting, laser microdissection…).

We propose the following services:
– Extraction of nucleic acids and proteins
– Quantification of nucleic acids
– Quality control of total RNA
– CDNA synthesis with quality control (protocols adapted to the quantities of RNA)
– Design and validation of PCR primers
– qPCR with Sybrgreen chemistries or Taqman probe (gDNA, cDNA, micDNA)
– ddPCR with Evagreen chemistry (absolute quantification)
– Selection of appropriate controls for qPCR and ddPCR
– Single cell RT-PCR

Transcriptomic Platform is at the service of all Neurocentre Magendie members and also accessible to all the scientific community (public and private users).

Thierry Lesté-Lasserre

Team member(s)

Carla Gilg (Engineer/Technician)
Hélène Doat (Engineer/Technician)
Thierry Lesté-Lasserre (Engineer/Technician)
Dylan Dos Reis (Engineer/technician)