Sleep/Wake, Aging, Neuroimaging (SWAN)


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A core objective of our research is to examine the impact of sleep/wake disturbances on daytime functioning to elucidate the etiology and pathophysiology of age-related CNS disorders. Cognitive symptoms and physiological malfunctioning are assessed in clinical studies but also in population-based cohorts. We apply advanced neuroimaging techniques using multimodal approach coupling morphological and functional MRI techniques and dailylife assessment based on connected devices for sleep/wake cycle (actigraphic watch) and cognition (EMA on smart phone). More specifically, daily life evaluations unravel the intra-individual variability of physiological and cognitive functioning; we attempt to understand its anatomical and functional bases by analysing it in relation to brain networks.

Team leader
Gwenaelle Catheline

Team member(s)

Chercheurs, Praticiens hospitaliers...

Ernesto Sanz Arigita (Researcher)
Ellemarije Altena (University Teacher- Researcher)
Willy Mayo (Researcher)
Caroline Buisson (Researcher)
Imad Ghorayeb (MCU PH)

Ingénieur(e)s, technicien(ne)s

Elodie Barse
Bixente Dilharreguy



Aurore Jouvencel
Alice Napias
Anaïs Bouvier

Neuropsychologist(s) and speech therapist(s)

Ingénieur(s) hospitalier(s) et ARC