Quantitative imaging of the cell


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Our team aims at developing novel imaging and microtechnologies to decipher protein organization and dynamics at high spatial and temporal resolutions. More precisely, four main research areas are dedicating to develop:
1) Novel instruments to improve the penetration depth and the spectral content of high and super-resolution microscopy methods for the imaging of complex and physiologically relevant living samples,
2) Analytical tools for the visualization and the quantification of 3D multi-colour data-sets,
3) Imaging and analysis tools that combine High Content Screening microscopy and super-resolution microscopy approaches to quantify the dynamics and organization of proteins within the living cells and
4) Novel microtechnologies to control the in vitro cellular microenvironment.

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Jean-Baptiste Sibarita

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Olivier Thoumine (Researcher)
Rémi Galland (Researcher)

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