Pathophysiology of declarative memory

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Our aim is to identify psychobiological bases of declarative memory (DM) alterations occurring in aging and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). We have developed specific behavioral models of age- and PTSD-related memory alterations in the mouse. Using these models, we search correlates of the cognitive changes at the system, cellular and molecular levels of brain activities. To establish causality links between neurobiological and cognitive changes, we then combine interventional approaches with pharmacological tools/optogenetics to our behavioral testing.

Innovative techniques:
1) Behavior:
– radial-maze models of age-related decline of declarative memory in mice, successfully translated to humans using virtual radial-maze
– the first model assessing qualitative features distinguishing normal/adaptive and maladaptive fear memory characteristic of PTSD in mice
2) Optogenetic/intracerebral infusion of drugs in behaving mice

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Team leader
Aline Desmedt Aline Desmedt
Université de Bordeaux

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Aline Marighetto (Researcher)
Nicole Etchamendy (University Teacher- Researcher)
Sophie Tronel (Researcher)
Nathalie Macrez (Researcher)
Jacques Micheau (University Teacher- Researcher)

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Flavia Simoes
Anaïs Bouvier

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