Organization and adaptability of motor systems


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By combining behavioral analysis with electrophysiology, dynamic clamp, functional imaging, and neuroanatomy technology, our team’s overall research objective is to decipher the neuronal basis of the short- and long-term functional plasticity of motor systems, with the principal experimental goal of trying to relate cellular, synaptic and neural network physiology to particular aspects of adaptive behaviors. Using three complementary animal models, from invertebrate to mammal, we analyze the intimate interactions between intrinsic and neuromodulatory processes in shaping either spontaneous or sensory-evoked motor programs, and controlling their lifespan adaptations.

Selected publications

Team leader

Team member(s)

Muriel Thoby-Brisson (Team Leader)

Chercheurs, Praticiens hospitaliers...

Didier Le Ray (Researcher)
John Simmers (Researcher)
Olivier Brissaud (Hospital practitioner)
Denis Combes (University Teacher- Researcher)
François Lambert (Researcher)
Romuald Nargeot (University Teacher- Researcher)

Ingénieur(e)s, technicien(ne)s

Lionel Parra Iglesias
Marie-Jeanne Cabirol-Pol


Julien Bacqué-Cazenave