Neurocentre Magendie

OptoPath is a platform entirely dedicated to an innovative research in experimental psychopathology in rodents and humans


Funded as part of EquipEx’s Investissements d’Avenir program, the OptoPath research platform aims to contribute to the development of new therapies against rapidly expanding behavioral pathologies; drug adddiction, obesity, anxiety disorders and age-related memory deficits.
OptoPath brought together the expertise of neurobiologists, electrophysiologists and experimental psychologists from 6 academic research teams, and of two industrial partners (Imetronic and Servier) to develop, combine and mutualize:
• Innovative behavioral models capable of reproducing the symptomatic complexity of these pathologies.
• Advanced technological tools that allow the analysis and manipulation of brain activity in real time and in vivo. These advanced neurobiological investigation techniques include and combine multi-site electrophysiology, optogenetics and deep cerebral vascular imaging.
Beyond its main objective, which is research on the neurobiological mechanisms of its four pathologies of interest, OptoPath has for other missions to offer innovative training on its advanced technologies and services for the pharmaceutical industry.

Véronique Deroche-Gamonet

Team member(s)

Berengere Petit (Engineer/Technician)
Terence Allart (Engineer/Technician)