Neuroscience, Humanities & Society (NeHuS)


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The NeHuS ‘Neuroscience, Humanities, and Society’ team aims at producing embedded Humanities and social sciences research in and on neuroscience within a neuroscience lab. This team intends to be useful to neuroscientists, as well as to the public understanding of neuroscience, through constant and close collaboration with neuroscientists. It is part of the movement to develop the philosophy in biology and, more generally, the organization of interdisciplinary research in and on the neurosciences based on a precise understanding of experimental practices, theoretical issues and methodological and conceptual questions encountered by neuroscientists in the pursuit of their research.

The project of this team, at its core, is structured by Emeritus Research Director François Gonon (who is mainly working on a) the communication of neuroscientific studies by the media, and b) on publication-biases in neuroscience), and by Research Director T. Boraud (Neuroscience), Ass. Professor Cedric Brun (Philosophy of sciences) and Post-doctoral fellow Marie Penavayre with punctual collaboration with other members of the IMN (Nicolas Rougier) or neuroscientists from Bordeaux external to the IMN (J. -P. Konsman) on conceptual et epistemological issues on the nature of neuroscientific explanations and on the translation of neuroscientific findings in non-therapeutic applications (neurolaw, neurocriminology, neuroeconomics and neuroeducation, so far).

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Cédric Brun

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François Gonon (Researcher)
Thomas Boraud (Director of IMN)

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