Neuronal circuits of associative learning

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Our research is focused on the identification of the neuronal circuits and mechanisms mediating aversive associative learning. Using a combination of state of the art, behavioral, single unit and local field potential recordings, optogenetic and anatomical tracing we aim to decipher the specific neuronal elements, circuits and mechanisms involved in the control of fear behavior and to understand how alteration in such circuits promotes the development of pathological fear behavior.

Innovative techniques: in vivo single unit and local field potential recordings, viral tracing approaches, optogenetic, associative behavior.

Selected publications

Team leader
Cyril Herry

Team member(s)

Chercheurs, Praticiens hospitaliers...

Cyril Dejean (Researcher)
Pierre Meyrand (Researcher)
Thomas Bienvenu (Personnel hospitalier)
Julien Artinian (Invited researcher)
Ha-Rang Kim (Post doctoral researcher)

Ingénieur(e)s, technicien(ne)s


Mario Martin-Fernandez
Nanci Winke
Juliette Viellard
Julien Courtin


Ana Menegolla
Jérémy Lesas
Saber Graf
Cloé Lheraux
Guillem Lopez-Fernandez

Neuropsychologist(s) and speech therapist(s)

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