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Tissues are histologically and biologically heterogeneous, and typically contain multiple cellular components, such as epithelial, mesenchymal and inflammatory cells. Laser microdissection offers a precise method of isolating and removing specified cells from complex tissues under direct microscopic visualization. Laser microdissection technology can harvest the cells of interest directly or can isolate specific cells by cutting away unwanted cells to give histologically pure enriched cell populations. The dissectate is then available for further molecular biological methods such as PCR, real-time PCR, western blot, mass spectrometry and other analytical techniques. This remarkable technology has brought new insights in the understanding of DNA, RNA, and the biological functions and regulation of proteins to identify molecular disease signatures.
The facility was created in 2009 with FRM (Fondation pour la Recherche Médical) funding; we completed more than 80 projects in Aquitaine but also throughout France.
Our missions are to accompany you in the workflow, in the primordial stages: samples preparation (frozen tissues, fixed tissues, paraffin embedding, histologic sectioning, cell processing, staining and immunohistochemistry), laser microdissection process and the use of the extracted biomolecules. (go to our service tab to discover our offers!)

Marlène Maître

Team member(s)

Hélène Doat (Engineer/Technician)