Neurocentre Magendie

Faced with the increasing use of transgenic models, Neurocentre Magendie developed in 2008 a unique genotyping service aimed at characterizing the genetic modifications of these models.
This department, originally created through the sharing of human skills and material resources, has over the years developed automated and standardized methods for fast and reliable analyses.
For more than 10 years, the platform has been developing its expertise and now proposes more than 200 PCR, qPCR or RFLP protocols, for an analysis of more than 500 transgenic models.
Today, a team of 4 experts is mobilized to meet the expectations of the scientific community. More than 50,000 samples are processed each year to meet the growing demand of many research institutes in France.
Beyond genotyping, the platform supports Magendie research teams in animal production according to experimental needs. To this end, and in collaboration with the Neurocentre bioinformatics platform, the genotyping platform has developed a secure web application, ANISE, which allows real-time production monitoring and visibility of transgenic lines while meeting regulatory requirements from the European council for animal welfare.

Delphine Gonzales

Team member(s)

Delphine Gonzales (Engineer/Technician)
Elizabeth Huc (Engineer/Technician)
Guillaume Laplagne (Engineer/Technician)
Morgane Cimavilla (Engineer/Technician)