Endocannabinoids and neuroadaptation

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Our team aims at uncovering the functions of the endocannabinoid system in the brain as well as the cannabinoids regulation of behavior and psychotic disorders. By using conditional mutagenesis, we are currently dissecting the roles of cannabinoid receptors type-1 (CB1) in different cellular and subcellular localizations towards a better understanding of the general rules governing behavior such as higher order memory processes, locomotor activity and sensory perception.

Innovative techniques : conditional mutagenesis, behaviour, analysis of mitochondrial functions in behaviour, in vivo & ex vivo electrophysiology, biochemistry, brain imaging.

Selected publications

Team leader
Giovanni Marsicano

Team member(s)

Chercheurs, Praticiens hospitaliers...

Francis Chaouloff (Researcher)
Luigi Bellocchio (Researcher)
Sandrine Pouvreau (Researcher)

Ingénieur(e)s, technicien(ne)s


Ignacio Fernandez Moncada
Abel Eraso
Ana Covelo
Urszula Skupio
Laura Di Lodovico
Rui Rodrigues
Marta Barrera Conde


Imane Hurel
Emma Mesguich
Paula Gomez Sotres
Sandra Beriain
Tommaso Dalla Tor
Unai Blanco
Rim Fayad
Julia Welte
Tommaso Garavaldi
Marta Mestroni

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